Our Solutions

CardioMedive developed a medical-grade SMART PATCH, one of the most complex systems for remote patient monitoring, represented by a discreet and easy-to-wear patch that measures continuously a complete list of vital signs and hemodynamic parameters, providing uniqueness in the global market.

Compared with the traditional cardiac monitoring devices, the patch’s design and multi-parameter functionality increases cardiovascular diagnosis rates with great accuracy and avoids the readmission of a patient, leading to a health cost optimization.

The device involves a new patent pending technology, both hardware and software, combined with a unique web-based platform reducing the physician-patient contact by offering access to the patient’s medical history, real-time monitoring data, medical reports, alerts and predictions.

How It Works


The patch is applied on the person’s middle chest and can record a continuous beat-to-beat of all the essential vital parameters for up to 14 days. Once the device is attached to the patient chest, the parameters are measured, analysed, stored and/ or streamed to the cloud. Patients can carry on with their usual daily activities during monitoring.

Our Cloud Platform reduces risk for every patient and helps doctors easily to be connected with their patients anytime from anywhere. With secure data storage and powerful analytics, through a user-friendly web interface, allows constant insights about patient health. 

CardioMedive’s mobile application is directly connected to our patch supporting both Android and iOS platforms. The app together with our patch device makes a lightweight monitoring system which can be used on the go. 

How Can You Benefit From Our Solutions?

We are redefining the way the health system is organized by making available to the medical personnel and patients services that will help reducing the use and cost of hospitalization. Our mission is to improve the healthcare services from all around the world and provide a better way of identifying a possible health risk by a continuous and efficient patient monitoring.

said CEO and Co-founder of CardioMedive

Ion Mocanu.

24/7 remote monitoring with alerts and triggers in case of emergency

Improve predictability

Time and Cost optimozation

Prestige for medical institutions


Change consumer expectations

This innovation will be useful in helping the patients with chronic diseases (especially the elder people, hospitalized and the persons with difficulties in walking), cardiovascular diseases, in case of pregnancy, screening, critical care units, oncology patient under chemotherapy treatment monitor adverse effect on critical patient organs, pre and postoperative in hospital monitoring, and in areas like medical assistance and 24/7 house monitoring.