CardioMedive startup won the “Medical Innovation of the Year” trophy at the Romanian Healthcare Awards 2021

The CardioMedive team won the trophy in the “Medical Innovation of the Year” category at the Romanian Healthcare Awards 2021 award ceremony on December 10th.

“It is an honor and a great joy for the CardioMedive team to see how its efforts over the last 7 years are rewarded in this large-scale event and with great significance for the medical field,” said Ion Mocanu, CEO.

The 31 members of the jury, of which 25 from the international community – Bulgaria, France, the Republic of Moldova, Lithuania, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark – awarded the innovation brought by the CardioMedive solution that aims to answer the leading causes of death worldwide, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.


CardioMedive’s innovation is designed to fully digitise the patient-physician relationship through a medical-grade patch for remote patient monitoring. Wireless, waterproof, discreet, comfortable and very small, the patch is attached to the patient’s chest to continuously collect, for up to 14 days, more than 10 vital and physiological parameters essential for a doctor in making a diagnosis – such as ECG , heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, body posture.
Once the device is attached to the patient’s chest, the parameters are measured, analysed, stored, and streamed to the cloud. Patients can continue their normal daily activities during monitoring. When he feels a symptom, the patient can press an alarm button on the device that records 60 seconds before and after pressing the button. The patient also has the opportunity to record a message using the microphone attached to the patch to describe the symptoms.
The maintenance of the device is very easy, while ensuring a high level of accuracy, which helps the medical staff to obtain all the critical information and to better detect a possible risk of arrhythmia or any other condition. Innovative technology is linked via a smartphone to the cloud application, where data is uploaded and processed using statistics and algorithms based on artificial intelligence. The recordings are analysed by the CardioMedive system, using proprietary machine-learned algorithms to produce a report of the patient’s health.

For healthcare providers – hospitals, clinics, clinics – CardioMedive is the only global technology solution that can be used for both tele-consultation, diagnosis and remote monitoring of chronic conditions, leading to reduced consultation and hospitalisation costs. At the same time, it provides better care, better management of chronic diseases but also better adherence to treatment. One of the key differentiating factors is the longitudinal approach of remote monitoring of the patient, from the early stage to the onset of chronic disease. The patient – centered approach with personalised monitoring, adapted to the patient’s needs in an easy way to activate / deactivate the monitoring parameters, allows the early prediction of the evolution of the disease. And, for telemedicine platforms, the CardioMedive solution facilitates access to a larger number of patients, increases the quality of medical services, expands the portfolio of services, increases the value of retention, but also an easy integration based on API.

The solution is in the patenting and certification phase. To complete ind launch it on the market, the Cardiomedive team needs to attract investors and partners with whom to market the solution internationally, not only in Romania.

“We still have some important steps to take before we achieve our vision of becoming a global leader in the tele-health market, but we have shown that we have the strength to pursue our dream and the ability to push our limits to achieve it. Thank you all who believed and still believe in us! ” said Ion Mocanu, CEO.

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