Our Solutions

Our integrated web-based mobile solution based on a proprietary self-developed hardware kit is the only solution on the market allowing full real-time medical examination from the comfort of your home. Subsequently, with the help of our wearable patch your physician could monitor the evolution of your medical condition or trace how you are responding to the prescribed treatment. The patch is designed as a complex system for measuring continuously a complete set of physiological and vital parameters in order to reach the clinical standards. With an autonomy of 14 days, our wearable, non-invasive, wireless device consist in a multi-functional sensor attached to a discreet patch that measures accurately a great number of parameters.

Our diagnostic kit combines a video sensor, an infrared thermometer and an electronic stethoscope to enable a complete medical examination with no doctor-patient contact. It could be used by the medic to examine the heart, lungs, throat, ears, skin, abdomen, heart rate and body temperature, basically diagnose and treat most common diseases, including COVID 19, while the wearable patch could be used to monitor chronic conditions and the status after any surgery or similar procedure.

How It Works

Patch Monitor

Real-time monitoring up to 14 days

Collect data

Data is uploaded through our smartphone / cloud based infrastructure


Processing the data using statistics methods and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Alert and Report

Alert in case of emergency and access to detailed reports


24/7 access to the patient health status through our platform for the physicians, nurses and patients

How Can You Benefit From Our Solutions?

We are redefining the way the health system is organized by making available to medical personnel and patients services that will help reducing the use and cost of hospitalization. Our mission is to improve healthcare services from all around the world and provide a better way of identifying possible health risk by continuous and efficient patient monitoring.

CEO and Co-founder of CardioMedive

Ion Mocanu

24/7 remote monitoring with alerts and triggers in case of emergency

Improve predictability

Time and Cost optimization

Prestige for medical institutions


Change consumer expectations

These innovations can be used in helping the patients with chronic diseases, especially the elder people and the persons with difficulties in walking, cardiovascular diseases, in case of pregnancy and pre and postoperative monitoring, medical assistance area and 24/7 house monitoring.