Who We Are

CardioMedive is a healthcare startup oriented on the development from ground up of a medical-grade device, one of the most complex systems for remote patient monitoring, represented by a discreet and easy-to-wear patch that measures continuously a complete list of vital signs and hemodynamic parameters, providing uniqueness in the global market. Our solution responds to the society’s emerging need for a new way of providing medical care for a huge segment of the population, at a convenient cost and at a high quality.

Our Partners

Our Team

The CardioMedive’ s team is a young team of entrepreneurs with experience in various research and development projects, oriented to develop solutions with global coverage that are expected to revolutionize the telemedicine field. We have assembled a team of outstanding individuals from the technical, medical, business fields to provide a high-quality service and product development. This wide array of talent is the crucial ingredient in improving the accessibility, availability and cost-effectiveness of providing quality telemedicine/ healthcare solutions to people.