Who We Are

CardioMedive is a Romanian digital health start-up, offering a new standard of care in the area of remote patient monitoring and diagnosing. We have developed an innovative wearable medical device that measures all the vital parameters crucial in taking a decision in what concerns the evaluation of the patient health status. This device can be combined with our second solution -a self-service diagnostic kit which allows patients to be consulted remotely by the medic, offering a solution for establishing the diagnostic and prescribing the treatment remotely and eliminating the direct contact between the physician and the patient.

We offer solutions for:

Short Term Monitoring for Hospital and Emergency Services

Pre and postoperative monitoring

Telemedicine and Insurance Service providers

Permanent Monitoring of Patients with High Cardiovascular Risk

National Screening for Heart Disease

Home Care for Elder People

CVD Detection & Prevention

Pharma Clinical Trials

Pregnancy Monitoring

Stroke Recovering and HBP management

Early detection of sepsis symptoms

Consumer Integration with Smart watches and wristband


Product Features

CardioMedive is a developing medical grade hardware patch with cloud ECG processing platform that gives access to our algorithms by fullfeatured API.

How It Works

Patch Monitor

Real-time monitoring up to 14 days

Collect data

Data is uploaded through our smartphone / cloud based infrastructure


Processing the data using statistics methods and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Alert and Report

Alert in case of emergency and access to detailed reports


24/7 access to the patient health status through our platform for the physicians, nurses and patients

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